About Us

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is a non-profit public benefit organization that investigates and exposes psychiatric violations of human rights and abuses in the field of mental health. CCHR works shoulder-to-shoulder with like-minded groups and individuals who share a common purpose to clean up the field of mental health. CCHR’s Board of Advisors, called Commissioners, include doctors, scientists, psychologists, lawyers, legislators, educators, business professionals, celebrities and civil and human rights representatives.

Due to CCHRs work many countries have now mandated informed consent for psychiatric treatment and the right to legal representation, advocacy, recourse and compensation for patients. CCHR has been acknowledged by the Special Rapporteur to the United Nations Human Rights Commission which stated, “The main task of CCHR has been to achieve reform in the field of mental health and the preservation of the rights of individuals under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. CCHR has been responsible for many great reforms. At least 30 bills [now more than 100] throughout the world, which would otherwise have inhibited even more the rights of patients, or would have given psychiatry the power to commit minority groups and individuals against their will, have been defeated by CCHR actions.”

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