The MOTHERS Act – Trolling for Mental Patients at a Maternity Ward Near You

by Amy Philo, 214-705-0169, 817-793-8028

If you’ve never been “Teen Screened” in high school, quizzed by a college counselor about your potential perfectionism, mood swings, or alcohol use- or told you might go crazy if you don’t start taking drug x, consider yourself among the fortunate, fading few. The “New Freedom Commission on Mental Health” is in the pipelines, and its legislative engineers have the route all worked out. Their first stop? Our very own births.

Those elderly men of the U.S. Senate who normally spend their days pushing legislation are trying to create a new niche – “saving” birthing mothers of America from the ravages of “mental illness.” Imagine yourself (or your significant other) pushing a baby into the world in a hospital somewhere in America, only to be greeted by a friendly, neighborhood-psychological-screener the very moment baby begins munching down on his first meal. “Would either of you like a DSM-IV Mental Disorder diagnosis code with that milk?”

That frightening image isn’t too far off from what you, today’s youth, might expect to happen by the time you deliver your first child. And if Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Harry Reid (D-NV), or Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) have anything to say about it, that nightmare could come true even sooner.

Since Summer 2001, the mothers and babies of America have been threatened by a bill called The Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act. This Orwellian, pharma-friendly legislation is named after a mother who committed suicide at 3 ½ months postpartum. Melanie Stokes was “treated” with almost everything the mental health industry can offer. Start with drug cocktails, throw in electroshock and hospitalization. Increase the electroconvulsive sessions and switch meds abruptly several more times. These “treatments” worked so well for Melanie that she jumped from the window ledge of a 12th story Chicago hotel room.

The MOTHERS Act seeks to screen all pregnant and new mothers in America for being “at risk” of mental disorders based on a few subjective questions, and then funnel them into what its proponents consider preventive “treatment.” It was reintroduced by Menendez and Durbin in the Senate this January, with support from “Senate leadership.” And in the House, where it passed in 2007, Bobby Rush is trying again. The bill died last session, despite Harry Reid’s attempt to pass it in a failed $10 billion omnibus bill containing dozens of different programs. This session, we may not be as lucky.

One cosponsor of the bill from the 110th Congress is now President of the United States. Another is Secretary of State. And Majority Leader Harry Reid now enjoys a much larger majority in his voting caucus, which could help him overcome any potential filibuster in the Senate.

The House should have no problem passing this bill if old habits continue. They’ll just announce the name of the bill and vote to pass it… as though this bill concerned which flavor cigar to pass out at that night’s happy hour, instead of a program affecting every new family in the country.

The exact screening questions to use on those pregnant moms and zero or two-day-postpartum women with suspected “Post-Partum Depression” or other “mental disorders” are still being worked out somewhere in the back rooms of Congress. But do you want to know if you could be the next contestant on The Price On Your Life Is Right?

Here are just a few examples of items on the checklist used to determine if you’re considered “at risk” for “perinatal” mental disorders:

  • People have told me I’m a perfectionist.
  • During the past year, I have experienced an unusual amount of stress (ex: move, job loss, divorce, loss of loved one).
  • I have a history of severe PMS.
  • I have a history of drug or alcohol abuse.
  • I have been a victim of the following: physical assault by someone I know; physical assault by a stranger; or, physical assault during this pregnancy.

Did you answer yes to any? Congratulations! You are officially at risk for mental illnesses! You might want to go get a sample pack of whatever your doctor’s favorite psychotropic drug of the month is, and fend that garbage off!

What those old Senators and Reps don’t tell you is that with programs like this MOTHERS Act in place, not only could the member of Congress get more huge campaign checks from large pharmaceutical corporations, but as an added bonus, the mothers and babies of our great country get to be exposed to drugs rivaling or surpassing Thalidomide in terms of toxicity, and LSD or cocaine with regard to the potential mental effects!

They don’t tell you that Andrea Yates was under the influence of several psychotropic drugs when she drowned her children. They don’t tell you that thousands of babies die or are born with life-threatening birth defects each year because of SSRI antidepressant exposure. Yet they want more of our young mothers ingesting these drugs while pregnant and nursing?

Passing this bill and implementing a nationwide “mental illness” scaremongering campaign targeting hormonal, vulnerable pregnant and new moms seems logical to those who are currently taking cocktails of multiple psychotropic drugs at high doses. Or to those who haven’t yet learned to locate the FDA website for black box suicide warnings. Or to anyone who hasn’t grasped the concept that imprisoning mothers in hospitals against their will does not make them feel better. Or to those who think that electrocution is wrong if applied in the context of the death penalty, but electrocuting the brain of a mental patient is ok.

But to people like me, or my friends Julie Edgington, Mathy Downing, Kim Witczak, Jim Torlakson, Kim Crespi and Enne Currie, this bill flies in the face of not only reason, but morality. For it ensures that more families will suffer the same horrors ours have. Things we can never forget. For myself, being suicidal and homicidal after only three days on Zoloft. For Julie, having a baby with a rare heart defect who nearly died at birth. For Mathy, Kim W. and Jim, losing a child or husband to antidepressant-induced suicide. For Kim C. – twin daughters murdered by their father under the influence of Prozac. And for Enne, not knowing whether her son Dirul Lewis is alive or dead, even though his psychiatrist does.

This path paved in death and destruction is a road America must not travel.

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